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Privacy policy|個人情報保護方針
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Privacy policy|個人情報保護方針

Alles Druck observes Personal Information Protection Act and other related regulations and guidelines. We will pay strong attention to protect the personal information we collect for our business as our privacy policy indicates as follows.

1.Scope of personal information

The personal information we collect to perform printing business is managed based on the “Our policy for personal information protection” Personal information is defined as follows.
・Name, zip code, address, phone number, date of birth, etc.

2.Use purpose of the customer’s personal information

We will use the personal information we collect from our customers for the following purposes
・To introduce our new products and services, campaigns, gift promotions
・For the public notice or important notification
・To send e-mail magazine, direct mail, and fax to introduce useful products and services offered by our partners
・To deliver our products and services and related shipping
In using the personal information, we will communicate with customers through fax, e-mail, or telephone.

3.Method of collecting the personal information

(Direct collection)
We collect the personal information in a legitimate and fair manner. We shall not collect such information illegally against customer’s intention. We will obtain customer’s consent on the collection and use purpose of the personal information.

(Indirect collection)
We will confirm with the provider of the personal information if the information is collected in an appropriate manner and conclude the agreement with customers or notify use purpose of the personal information on our web site. Provision of the personal information depends on the customer’s consent, however, if the customer rejects provision of the personal information, there may be some inconvenience in an appropriate offering of our services.

4.Security measures for the personal information protection

For the personal information collected for our printing business, we shall take necessary measures to keep the customer’s information accurate and latest. We also shall take measures to prevent unauthorized access to customer’ information, the information leakage, and loss or damage of the information, as well as we establish secure organization and to prepare secure information management. We shall make a constant effort to reinforce the personal information management system.

5.Provision of the customer’s personal information to the third party

We outsource the shipping of our products to the third party and provide them with the minimum information (address, name, and telephone number) needed for the shipping. In providing the information, we perform necessary and appropriate supervision of the third party to securely manage the information. We shall not disclose or provide our customer’s personal information to the third party without prior consent by the customer. In case we jointly use the personal information with the third party, or in case we provide the information to our business partners, we investigate them and conclude necessary agreement such as non-disclosure agreement to secure the personal information appropriately.

6.Disclosure of the personal information

We shall not disclose the personal information except the following occasions.
・In case the information is processed by aggregation or analysis into the data that cannot identify the individual and then disclosed to the third party.
・In case the personal information is disclosed or used with the consent of the customer.
・In case the information is disclosed under the court warrant, judicial decision, court order, or statute.
・In case of the inquiry with legitimate procedure by prosecutor, police, or supervisory authority
・In case the information is requested based on the article 4 of the Provider Liability Act (formal name: Act on the Limitation of Liability for Damages of Specified Telecommunications Service Providers and the Right to Demand Disclosure of Identification Information of the Senders)

7.Procedure for disclosure, notification of use purpose, correction, use termination, and deletion of the personal information

We first verify customer identification when we receive the request from our customer for disclosure, notification of use purpose, correction, use termination, and deletion of the personal information. Please send your request to the following contact.

Verification by mail
Please send one of the following documents (for A and B, send a copy) with your request to the address below.
(We cannot accept freight collect mail.)

Attn: Ms. Yasuyo Uda
General Manager of Administration and Personal Information Protection
Alles Druck
1-14-2 Tsukuho
Tsukuba-shi, Ibaraki-ken 300-3257

A: Singly valid identification (with photo, current address, date of birth, and before expiry
・Driver’s license
・Resident register card
・Residence certificate
※ In case customer does not live in the address shown in above document, one of the documents in C is also necessary.

B: Valid with combination with one of the documents in C
・Student ID
・Health insurance card
・Pension book
・Welfare benefit book

C: Necessary for current address confirmation and identification, original bill or receipt of one of the followings
(issued within 6 months from the date of request)
・Phone (or mobile phone)
・Water service
・NHK (Japan Broadcasting Association)

8.Complaints and consultation

We respond to your complaints and consultation request regarding the personal information. Please contact the person in charge indicated in the above 7.

9.Principle of use and prohibitions regarding the Personal Information Protection Act

(Limitation of use of the personal information))
In using the customer’s personal information, only the authorized personnel shall use the personal information within the scope of the use purpose.

(Prohibitions regarding the personal information)
・We shall not user the customer’s personal information out of the scope of the use purpose. We take watertight measures to prevent the personal information leakage such as taking out of the information from predefined place or sending out the information through network.
・We have our employees observe the obligation of non-disclosure of the personal information even after they leave the company.
・We shall not collect, use, or provide the following personal information (sensitive information).
The information regarding social discrimination such as individual thought, religion, race/ ethnicity, physical/mental disability, or criminal record, the information regarding medical health or sexual life, the information regarding worker’s right to organize and collective action, and the information regarding political rights execution such as demonstration and right of petition.
] If we need to collect sensitive information, we shall receive prior consent from the customer.

10.Indication regarding the retained personal information

(1)Name of the personal information holder: Alles Druck
(2)Use purpose of all the retained personal information: As indicated in the above 2.
(3)Procedure for request for disclosure of the personal information: As indicated in the above 7.
(4)Contact information for complaints on handling the personal information: As indicated in the above 8.


In order to take further possible measures to ensure the personal information protection, we may revise the above policy in light of the business changes and trends in future.
When the policy is revised, we will notify that on our web site.

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